The Nomadic residential school in the village of Puga is a government school that was established in 2007 to facilitate the education of children from the Changpa tribe, a nomadic tribe with Tibetan origins. The nomad life tends not to be conducive to children’s educational development; as seasons change the nomads must find new pastures for their animals to graze on, and in doing so they frequently move camp and set up in different locations. This can be a difficult life for children, with little stability and limited opportunities to attend school.  The Nomadic School originally took the classroom to the tribes, with the staff travelling from camp to camp, staying in tents, and transporting all their equipment.  Now, The Nomadic Residential School provides boarding, food and classes in a warm and safe environment for students ages four to sixteen.  In 2014, they started on developing their plans to build a kindergarten, with which Himalayan Children is pleased to be able to assist.