We visited a camp of the Changpa Nomads. The nomadic tribes still move their camp every 4 weeks or so, in order to get good grazing for their animals.

Ladakh Visit October 2012

In October 2012 Gail, the 2 other Trustees and 2 friends went on a (self-funded) fact finding trip to Ladakh to see at first hand the work of the charity. Unfortunately, one of the group suffered a mild stroke...

Ladakh Visit February 2012

Gail visited Ladakh for a week at the end of February 2012.  She had a very difficult journey there, and a hectic stay, as you can see from her notes below. Basically my days here were to see various...

Ladakh Visit October 2011

A quick visit to Ladakh  :  October 16th – 23rd 2011 A new girl was enrolled in the new Lamdon School in Khaltse, which opened last year. I went to visit her family, and the villagers were really happy...

BBC’s The Human Planet

A recent edition of the BBC’s The Human Planet showed the difficult and dangerous 6 day journey two of the children had to take to get to the school.  Whilst the children featured were not sponsored by Himalayan Children, those who are have similarly arduous journeys to the school.  The children in the film are boarding pupils at Lamdon School.

Ladakh Visit May 2011

In May 2011, Gail again visited Ladakh, seeing lots of friends and students – she is becoming a well known face in the school and the local villages!

She interviewed the Principal of the school and shot the video below.