A quick visit to Ladakh  :  October 16th – 23rd 2011

A new girl was enrolled in the new Lamdon School in Khaltse, which opened last year. I went to visit her family, and the villagers were really happy that this family has support. It was an emotional time here.

At Lamdon school, in Leh, I visited our 4 existing students who are into their second year of sponsorship. It is good to see them, smiling, and growing so tall. I took winter clothing to these four, as they are from remote areas of Ladakh. It was exam time, so they were working hard; we will receive an update of exam marks and letters from them in due course.

I visited the Timosgang Nunnery school, where I had helped with English teaching on previous visits. The teacher, Tsultim Zangno, teaches 17 nuns of mixed ages and abilities in Ladakhi, Tibetan, Bodi, Hindhi and English, and is finding it very hard. Himalayan Children will be fund raising to provide an additional teacher for one year; the nuns drew a picture for Christmas cards which will be sold to raise these funds.

I visited two new families who have personal sponsors through Himalayan Children – Tsering Dolkar from Likir and Tsering Angmo whose family are from Yurtling. I took tea and lunch with them, and they are very grateful to their sponsors.

I gave out clothes, gifts and letters which had been sent by sponsors, and received letters of thanks which I have given to the sponsors.

I went to Phyang village, where I support a village football team. Thanks to a very kind donation from Jeremy Evans, I was able to hand over 15 pairs of footall boots and socks, which allows the team to play in a league outside the village. It is always fun to see these young men playing as a team; all of them have lived in the village since birth, some study outside Ladakh, but always return to Phyang to reunite and play football.

Finally, I visited the families of the two children I personally sponsor. I visit every time I go, and they always seen to know I am in Leh, even before I arrive!

Through Himalayan Children 20 children in Ladakh have their education sponsored.