Visit September 2014

Gail again visited Ladakh, to carry out lots of admin tasks.  She reports :

“This visit was basically to pay all the school fees for our children at

  • Lamdon School, Leh,
  • Druk Padma Karpo School
  • Sindh Public School
  • Leh Modern School
  • St Peters School
  • Lamdon School, Khalste
  • SOS Tibetan School

When I visit, I also try to visit the children in the school, or in their homes if they live in local villages. I give them gifts from their sponsors. I also visited new families requiring help with their children’s schooling.

It is a busy time with a lot to do in just a week. Rinchen and myself have to sometimes visit families in the evening to make our assessment for sponsoring.
Rinchen  and  I visited the two new children for new admission into Singh Public School.

I had a meeting with the Principle of Lamdon School, Eshey Tonthup, whom I visit each time and on the last evening of my stay we had an enjoyable dinner with him.

With our new admissions and new children visited we are able to support 25 children for a better education.

Also for Tingmosgang Nunnery school we provided stationery, books  for Maths, English and Bodi pencils, pens, and wall charts all sourced locally at Leh Ling Book shop, which we delivered on the way back from our mammoth journey to Khalste, so it meant driving back in the dark with about 80% of the other mountain road users not having sufficient lights if any on their lorrys and cars, I was glad to reach Leh safely!!

The weather was kind whilst I was there, with their harsh winter looming.

I have to thank Rinchen Dolkar who drives me around everywhere, interprets, and welcomes me into her family each twice yearly visit, I couldn’t run this end of the charity without her, Rinchen Dolkar is our Co ordinator and the Local Representative in Ladakh for Himalayan Children.

So in this very quick week-long visit, school fees were paid for 25 children at different schools and from different villages, all but a few of the 25 children were visited in school and in home with their families, and I have to say I love every minute of it, the sad times I see and the happy times : I feel very privileged to be welcomed into their lives and share their stories of life.”

PLEASE NOTE : Gail funds her own visits to Ladakh.  She does not take expenses from the Fund.