Christmas Fair 2018  

Unfortunately, numbers were down this year – was it because the date was earlier than usual?  But we still raised a fabulous £572.00.  Those who did go enjoyed the usual warm welcome from Gail, Casey and Rose, and their little assistants Bella and Katrina.  Lots of potential Christmas Gifts were available, for early shoppers, without the foot wearying trek along High Streets, the crowds, and the endless Muzak. Handing over the cash always feels easier with a glass of mulled wine, and a slice of Rocky Road.  Oh, the calories are piling on already!  So, thanks to all who helped to make this a great event – the above mentioned hostesses, and all those who provided items for sale, and of course the fabulous band of  Cake Makers.

Gail and Casey make unlikely fairies, but what’s with the woolly hats, ladies?